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Revit Warnings Project

Do I have too many warnings? Are there any low-hanging fruit? Is my project normal??
We are working to answer these questions with data.

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Working in Revit, especially on large projects, we often get warnings that what we are drawing or modeling is not working as we might have expected. Some of these can be ignorable, but many can cause issues with speed, stability, and accuracy.

Knowing how to prioritize and address these warnings within our own projects requires that we understand what a "normal" rate of incoming warnings is, and how they are typically distributed. We can use this knowledge to quickly identify when something in a project is going unexpectedly, either from inexperienced staff that require more training or unforeseen complications in design that could require rethinking the expected time and fee for the project.

Looking at this data from an office wide level is also useful for managers interested in identifying common issues that arise on all of their projects. This allows us to better target education efforts, and to push new boundaries of information modeling by maintaining accurate, reliable models.

Hopefully this information can start to answer questions like those above, helping users to understand their projects and empowering BIM leaders to target their training efforts and produce higher quality models.

This project has been made possible by the contribution of time and talent from Ankrom Moisan Architects Inc.

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