Revit Warnings Project

Contributing Is Easy!

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1. Export your warnings file:

  • Go to the manage tab and click "Warnings"

  • When the Warnings Dialog appears,
    click "export" and save the file.

  • Follow the directions on the right to upload!

2. Upload Your Export!

Choose what phase your project is in from the
drop down, and select your warnings file:

If you would like to receive updates with new data and results, please enter your email below:
(not required)

As soon as your file is sent it will be automatically processed and the data will be reflected on the 'data' page.

Your email will not be connected in any way with the file you upload.

Your file is never stored on our servers. Only the names of warnings and the element types they affect are sent to the database. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the process is as anonymous as possible.